Keppel Electric Referral Programme Terms & Conditions

1.      The Terms and Conditions of Keppel Electric Pte Ltd’s (“Keppel Electric”) Referral Programme govern your participation in the Referral Programme and forms part of your agreement with us. These terms must be read in conjunction with the Form of Acceptance and Residential Consumers General Terms and Conditions, where relevant, and any other applicable promotional Terms and Conditions.


2.      To qualify as a Referrer under the terms of this Referral Programme, you must be an existing customer with Keppel Electric. The Referrer is the person whose referral code link has been used by the Referral Recipient who is the person signing up with Keppel Electric using a valid Referral Code.

3.      To participate in this Referral Programme, a Referrer must log into Keppel Electric Customer Portal Account in order to get their unique referral code link. With the link, share the unique referral code to the Referral Recipient(s).

4.      Referral Recipient must use the referral code link when signing up with Keppel Electric. Only one referral code can be used at any time; Referral Recipient cannot have more than one Referrer.


5.      The referral code is applicable with any new sign up of a 2-year plan, exclude DOT3. Not applicable for relocation application and cannot be utilised together with any ongoing promotion code.


6.      The Referral Recipient will be entitled to a one-time rebate (“referral discount”) which will be reflected on the Referral Recipient’s first Keppel Electric invoice.

7.      The Referrer will be entitled to a one-time redemption credit (“referral credits”) for every successful referral.

                 i.          Referral credits will be added into the Referrer’s account after the Referral Recipient has been successfully transferred to Keppel Electric.

                ii.          Referral credits shall be deducted from the Referrer’s account if the Referral Recipient terminates his/her contract with Keppel Electric before the Referral Recipient's electricity contract end date.                                                                                                                               

               iii.          Referral credits can only be used to redeem the Referrer’s electricity bill (electricity usage and pink notice charges only).

8.      The Referrer must log into the Referral’s Keppel Electric Customer Portal Account in order to redeem the referral credits (“Redemption”).

                 i.          Referral credits can only be used to redeem Keppel Electric’s electricity bill consisting of electricity usage and pink notice charges only.

                ii.          Referrer can choose to redeem up to their total available referral credits or their payable electricity bill amount (electricity usage and pink notice charges), whichever is lower.

               iii.          Redemption is limited to only twice per calendar month.

               iv.          Upon successful redemption, the necessary adjustments will be reflected in the next or subsequent invoice.

                v.          Redemption must be exercised, at least 4 calendar days, prior to the due date to be reflected on the next invoice.

9.      If the Referrer terminates his/her electricity contract with Keppel Electric, any unused referral credits in the Referrer’s account shall be forfeited. Any balance referral credits shall not be paid out or refunded in cash or in kind under any circumstances.  

10.      Keppel Electric reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or modify the Referral Programme and/or its Terms and Conditions at any time, without any prior notice and without liability whatsoever.

11.   Keppel Electric reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities. If a referral code or referral discount is found to be used erroneously, fraudulently, illegally, or in violation of Keppel Electric’s Referral Programme’s Terms and Conditions, Keppel Electric reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke or remove referral credits from the account of the Referrer and/or referral discount from the Referral Recipient.